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Roofix Australia offers a comprehensive range of Accessories.

SkylightsDownload PDF

Natural light is beautiful and with skylights you can make that dark room into a stunning oasis in your home.

Skylights come in fixed, manual opening and electronic opening units to suit the needs of your home. There are also many vented options out on the market which assists with the ventilation of your roof space.

No matter what material your roof is made from there are prefabricated bases to suit all roof types; corrugated, metal deck, tile. Sun tunnels are great alternative for smaller areas in your home such as toilets and hallways.

With the natural light coming through your ceiling you will be able to save on energy bills while enhancing the look of your home.

Ask your friendly Roofessional to help you chose the right skylight to suit your needs.

Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems are like the lungs of your roof and ceiling space. Without ventilation your house doesn�t breathe and the life expectancy of the roof and ceiling space insulation decreases. Whirlybird's help with the natural ventilation of your roof which helps prevent damp conditions that cause mildew and mould. With the Whirlybird's ventilation efficiency you can prevent your ceiling interior smelling from trapped dampness and condensation. It also assists with bathroom ventilation. Roof ventilation units are useful in both the warmer and cooler months. In the warmer months all of the heat from the sun can get trapped in your ceiling increasing your utility bills as you will need to have your air cooling systems on a lower setting. Roof insulation will only do so much.

In the cooler months moisture gets trapped within your house and ending up in your ceiling. This will make increase the amount of heating that you will need to warm your home

With a whirlybird you will be saving money and the environment while keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. It doesn�t matter if your roof is metal or tiles the vents can be easily installed by your friendly Roofessional. Roofix Australia prefers to use Edmonds ventilation systems which come in a large range of colours so that you can colour match them to your roof. They are made from durable steel (or plastic) with the dome being reinforced so to with stand hail damage and come with a Lifetime Warranty.

There are also styles that can let light in so that you can light your roof space with natural light.
The amount of vents will alter depending on the area of your roof space:

Ask the Roofix Australia team to help you chose the ventilation system that is right for you

Verandas & Awnings

Bull Nose Verandas
Each Bull Nose Veranda is quite distinctive and adds a certain charm to your home.
It can have a stripe design or flat colour blending or standing out from your home or business.

Window and door awnings come in a variety of materials and styles and can add character to your home, as well as keeping the elements at bay.

Water tanksDownload PDF

As the weather patterns in Australia change so is the thinking behind how we live our lives.
We are becoming more in tune with becoming self sufficient and environmentally friendly.

At Roofix Australia we have a new appreciation of the old school answer to water, the humble water tank. We believe that every home in Australia and across the world should have a water tank to do their part in helping save our environment.

In Australia we all want to have beautiful lush gardens and by installing a water tank you can utilise all of the rain that falls on your roof. In an average rainfall on an average sized home around 100 litres of water can be collected daily and used in the garden.

Water tanks come in a large range of standard colours, materials and sizes. And if you have a specific space that you wish to fill with your water tank talk to one of the Roofix Australia team and we will find a water tank solution for your home.

The Australian government is offering a water tank rebate to Australian�s who qualify for the water tank rebate with application accepted until 31 March 2014.

Rebates of up to $500 are available to households for either:

The purchase and installation of a new rainwater tank which is connected for internal reuse of the water for toilet and/or laundry use; or
The purchase and installation of a permanent grey water treatment system.

Each state has their own water saving incentives in place please check out the coinciding website link below:

NSW - http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/rebates/ccfrtw.htm
ACT -  http://www.thinkwater.act.gov.au/tune-ups_rebates/rainwater_tank_rebate.shtml
VIC -   http://www.ourwater.vic.gov.au/saving/home/rebates
SA -    http://www.sawater.com.au/SAWater/YourHome/SaveWaterInYourHome/rebates_rainwatertanks.htm


Roofix Australia is registered as an Energy Efficient Homes Package Insulation installer. The federal government is offering a rebate of $1,200 on your ceiling insulation for your home.
Once you insulate your ceiling space you can save on average $200 per year on your energy bills while you enjoy the increased comfort in the harsh Australian climate.

At Roofix Australia Pty Ltd we provide a non invasive installation method where we prefer to take the insulation Batts through your roof space so that you do not have people, dirt and product through your home. As roofers you can feel safe that we are replacing your roof in better condition than when we found it. As a part of the service we will:
Replace any of the screws taken out with new ones
Re-align all tiles in the area that the roof has been removed
Supply a report of the condition of your roof

Ceiling Insulation material

Roofix Australia Pty Ltd knows that every customer has different needs when it comes to insulating their home that is why we like to give you a choice from the below materials to best assist us with your thermal or sound needs within your ceiling space.

Products available when we install your insulation:
Autex � Green Stuf � Polyester material which is Non-Allergenic & Non-Irritant
Autex � Quiet Stuf � Polyester material which is quieter than the rest
Knauf � Earth Wool � A recycled Glass Wool alternative
Bradfords � Rock Wool � Has better thermal resistance and blocks out 3 times the sound as others.

We only use products that comply to Australian standards, and refuse the use of inferior imported products.
Ask one of our team to assist you with making the right decision for you.

Roofing Insulation material

Roofing insulation has slightly different properties than the ceiling insulation where it helps to combat condensation in your roof space and the silver foil acts as a mirror reflecting the sun�s heat away from your home.

Roof Spaces Cleaned

Most houses contain hazardous dust built up from decades of air pollution fallout, with a toxic cocktail of fine particles containing; lead cadmium, arsenic, asbestos and more.
Our experienced team remove this dust safely through the roof and do not enter your home. We used approved vacuums with HEPA filters and sealed bags so to contain all of the hazardous particles.

Roof space for storage

If the roof has been opened up to allow effective cleaning and insulation installs, why not take advantage of the roof space that you have by installing flooring and increase your storage area.

Call the friendly team on 1800 ROOFIX (1800 766 349) to schedule a time to come and discuss installing the best insulation option for your needs.